Monday, June 27, 2011
We're very busy here in South Dakota.  Henrietta flew in Saturday and we did some serious damage with coupons at the fabric store.   No stash report as I haven't figured up the total.   Maybe its best I don't.

We are testing a new product--a Salem cutting mat.  I like the color (white translucent with red markings).    I trim two sides, pick up the piece with my left hand while sweeping the trimmings with my right hand holding the ruler (I use a 6.5" square usually) off the table into the trash box.   This mat is smoother and bits and threads slide off easily.  The white color defines fabric edges for cutting better than previous mats (various brands and colors).   The red marking lines are legible without being distracting.  

The design wall shows our current project, a pattern called "Swoon".   Here are Henrietta's blocks---

The blocks finish at 24"--a nice size.  Although we will use the same pattern, I'm sure our tops will look very different.   Henrietta has a more blended traditional style, and mine is "poke your eye out" contrasts/colors.   Here are my blocks--

Yes, I'm busy ripping.  The pattern directions are great.  Following them while tired and on a sugar high--well, I'm still ripping and piecing!  Using my favorite seam ripper--its one of those "ergonomic" shaped rippers.  I use a ripper a LOT, and its much easier on my hands.  

Still raining here, but warmer weather forecast for the end of the week.  I volunteer all weekend, so Henrietta will get time to sew and nap while I'm at the Visitor Center.   Henrietta has not visited at this time of the year, so the vibrant lush green of the grass, trees, and fields is a surprise.  She's always said South Dakota has the bluest skies, today they are absolutely brilliant with picture perfect fluffy white clouds.  76F and a gentle breeze. 


Sue H said...

Oh, too funny! I read that your colors are more of the poke-your-eye-out variety, in the next picture I see your seam ripper. That WOULD poke your eye out! Very pretty blocks...and be sure to take care of your eyes!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I agree, it was absolutely beautiful out today. Especially after last night's storm. We just had heavy rain and some wind. Battle Creek, Norfolk and on east & south had it worse. Lots of trees down, power lines down, local flooding.

Like your quilt blocks. 24" should make into a quilt really fast.

Warren was up a the dam on Sat. & thought it was pretty impressive...both the water & all the people who come to gawk.

I tried to grab your nice seam ripper out of the computer screen but it didn't work :) I look for one every time I go to the O'Neill quilt shop but they never have any. Guess I will just order one.

Say HI! to Henrietta for me.

Katie Z. said...

One of these days, I WILL make it back to South Dakota!

Susan said...

Sounds like a perfect SD day. Miss those! I like the blocks Henrietta did, and look forward to seeing yours.

Mary-Kay said...

I love that brand of mats. The only thing is the red comes off in the areas you cut on the most. But I took a fine tip Sharpie and drew the lines back in. I really need a new one so maybe this year when I go to the sewing show, I'll pick one or two up. By the way, nice block. Hope you enjoy your time with Henrietta.