Busy Weekend

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Its been a busy weekend.  Laura Beth was here to attend a baby shower, and Mason and Nick came along.  Mason is still fascinated by a camera--he took pictures with grandma's help.  

Laura Beth wearing a Target sack

Nick covering up with blanket
 I don't think his parents were quite ready for portraits!

And then grandma showed him how to take a self portrait---

Mason took LOTS of pictures--of the ceiling, the floor--I think the phrase--"point and shoot" describes his style.   

I did manage a few shots--



The weekend went by too quickly.   

I planned to work on my blue/white blocks after they left.  But the new blue and white fabrics were left in the camper--again!  I decided to make sample blocks with some scraps---

The blocks are to be blue and white--and a star pattern.   The first one is okay, I think the color values are not like the pattern.  And the second block is nice--but there are a gadzillion pieces.  59?  60?  Whew!  They both squared up nicely--perfect 12.5".  

Today Ken is planting beans.  This picture is for Lee---

I head back to Yankton tomorrow.  If anyone has seen South Dakota in the news--I volunteer above a Corps of Engineers dam.   The dams will not "break".  I personally am high above the river.   

No goals--its going to be busy.  I hope for odd bits of time to sew.  

What's it like at your house??  Are you sewing?  Vacationing?  


Katie Z. said...

I'm glad you mentioned being high above the river. My mom has heard me talk about you, and she said a few days ago, "Your friend near the dam, is she going to be okay? " I tried to tell her you were assuredly safe, but she wasn't convinced!

Henrietta said...

Time to put the dam picture up in the header.
I love both the blocks. Lee was relieved to see beans going into the ground.

Mary-Kay said...

Aren't you glad you have a digital camera so you can delete all those "floor" shots? Your grandson is a cutie.

MightyMom said...

he looks like you in that last pic!

MightyMom said...

oh and I like the first one best