Design Wall Monday, Stash Report, Weekly Goals

Monday, February 27, 2017
Over the weekend I finished quilting a Bricks & SS top---

Its my favorite "go-to" pattern and its free from Bonnie Hunter.  There are no diagonal seams, no background fabric.  You can change up the color of the 4 patches--I've used black, brown, purple, blue, and red with a light.  No scrap is too ugly to use!  (Believe me, I've added some real unloved bricks!)  Thank you Bonnie, I love to make this pattern.

The backing was a solid green---

The pattern is Alfresco by Hermione Agee.  Its easy, soft, and hopefully not too girly.  Had a trip down memory lane while trimming the top--the border fabric was a skirt for Laura Beth when she was about 10yo.  She's 33yo, so that piece was 23 years old!  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Too lazy to do a stash report yesterday--so here it is today, my first one for 2017.

Stash in--32 yards
Stash out--12 yards

Stash is ahead 20 yards

Weekly Goals--

Quilt a top
Fall in the City
Make a binding and sew it on
Do some fun sewing

A quiet week is planned.  More sewing.  Reading.  That's about it.  



Rainbow Scrappy Saturday Teal/Mint Green

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Last night I found time to make ONE block--

Maybe I better try again--

Liz doesn't have a blog, but pulls out her scraps every month to use the RSC colors--

Liz made 4 patches in purple and teal.  Please see everyone's RSC posts at SoScrappy.

Thursday we were hit with heavy snow, this picture is from the beginning of the storm (there were big fat flakes falling that don't show in the picture).  We ended up with about 12" of snow.

Luckily it was heavy wet snow that won't blow.  We didn't get the terrible 60ph winds they were predicting.  Whew!

This week I also had a finish--

Billie Lauder Faux Log Cabin.  It was so much fun to make!  Its a free pattern.  This is a donation quilt--72x92" and used 12 yards of stash.  I'm making "boy quilts" for a boy's group home.  Twin size XLong beds.  Quiltville says that quilts for that size bed should be 75x90" so will try to get as close as possible.  

Life is pretty quiet here.  A little stash enhancing, quilting, and reading.  How do you spend your snow days?  And if you don't have snow days--what ARE you doing?  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 20, 2017
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was spent with the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies.  As always, we had a good time!  Lots of pictures in this post--

Donna finished putting together a fussy cut wildlife themed quilt.

Lorri2Rs finished her Cozy Cabins from a strip swap we did with Teresa in Texas.  

Lorri2Rs set together blocks she made as a New Year's Mystery.  She and I walked over to the InWeave (Fabric store in Hawarden a block from where we sew) and she bought the border fabrics.  That fabric didn't sit in her stash AT ALL!!

Lorri2Rs used the big tables to lay out En Provence.  She did this late Saturday night.  She said she was NOT taking it home without it being sewn together.  Her knee was giving her lots of pain, so she moved her sewing machine next to the laid out blocks, and I handed her the blocks--she finger pressed and sewed them.  in 2.5 hours we had it all together except for two border rows.  WOOHOO!!!

Here it is all together!!

And Gina's is together and quilted--

Aren't they lovely?  Where is mine?  Ummm, I'm to step 4.  

I did lots of sewing--118 - 9 Patches for Chocolates on my Pillow.  I did the 5th cut on Simply Woven.  Decided to add the strips at home where there are less distractions.  Over a year ago I had sewn 20 Missouri Star Disappearing Pinwheels.  For some reason they weren't all the same size. 😉 I had used all the pink so for six months a piece of the pink traveled in my wallet.  It was a Kona pink and I finally found it!  I used Dashing Stars from Moda Bake Shop for an idea-- 

I added wide sashings to two sides so I could make all the blocks the same size.  See what everyone else has on their design wall at Patchwork Times.
I'm not a morning person.  NEVER EVER!!  So when I wore this shirt everyone laughed--

My father bought this for me several years ago during a Christmas TShirt exchange.  

Weekly Goals--

Quilt two tops
Fall in the City
Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks
Pink Missouri Star Disappearing Pinwheel blocks

This is enough to keep me busy.  The weather is going to be nice until Friday.  Wishing you all a great week!


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, February 11, 2017
January was very busy for me.  Thursday I found time to make a few purple blocks--

The Marti Mitchell Drunkard's Path templates arrived and I was able to make a "Curvy Girl" block the RIGHT way!  You can find the Tutorial at Red Pepper Quilts.  The Cracker blocks are from Moda Bake Shop Ritzy Crackers.  I like this pattern because it uses two 5" charms for the colors bits.  

Next I made a few more blocks using Sea Green/Teal Green--

My stash had one FQ of this color.  Liz from Houston send me a "care package" (an envelope with strips in it) and I used all of them in these blocks--Picnic by Kim Brackett or I think "Pentland Cracker" blocks.  The upper right block was made from two 5" charms found in my 5" charm box.  I have the fabrics Lorri2Rs shared and I can make more blocks next week. Please see everyone's RSC projects at SoScrappy.

This week I had a serious case of ennui--

a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom:
I wandered the house, read, my mind flitted from project to project.  I finished quilting a top.  Loaded the next one.  Measured a top.  Pulled a backing and washed it.  Prepped a top and pressed its backing.  All the while I was thinking about a machine I had stored in the basement.  Ken and I carried it upstairs--I wanted to fiddle with it.  For years I swore it was a Singer 319WI went from cabinet to cabinet downstairs searching for one.  I never found a 319w but I did find a 306w!!
Meet Clara the 306w!  I worked on her off and on.  Lots of oil, internet searching, reading.  A new bobbin tire/adjusting and she winds bobbins.  Removed and adjusted the motor to take up the slack in the belt.  The zigzag/cam mechanism was new to me and that took some research.  She zigzags like the Pro she is!  I found where the 1/4" seam is.  And her stitches are pretty near perfect!
Research says that she's not well liked because of her noisy motor.  After some oil and I can't say she's THAT noisy.  She takes an odd sized needle.  I can live with that.  She needs a light bulb (that's an easy fix) and she's ready to sew.  She was bought several years ago on the auction of a lady in the nursing home.  She came with all her attachments, book, cabinet and sewing stool.  Her previous owner did LOTS of sewing so I know Clara is experienced.  She has no plastic parts (at least none I can see or were pictured in the service manual) and I'm sure she will outlive me.  She does several decorative stitches, her needle can be adjusted side-to-side.  

There's still time for plenty of sewing this weekend.  Ahhh! I can smell spring!  (I might also be delusional!)  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Fall in the City is still on the design wall--

I'm sewing the sashings strips to the rows of blocks.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Saturday Lorri2Rs, Pam, and I went to a sew in at Moville IA.

Over 100 quilters!  We sewed from 9am - 8pm.  There were demos, silent auction, raffle blocks.  Plenty of food and goodies.  I sewed on Chocolates on My Pillow.  Lorri2Rs, well she is good at socializing!  Here was her machine--

Okay, I'm kidding--she sewed until she ran out of "parts" for her project!  2Rs knew I didn't have the RSC color for this month--sea green/teal green.  She shared her stash--

I will have plenty to sew with this month.  I've been doing lots of quilting and I'm always looking for a bargain on batting.  Last week I found 6yd x90" Pellon 80/20 for $18 at Walmart.  The 100% Pellon Poly was $13 for 6yd x 90" rolls.  And I spent enough for free delivery!  The delivery guy did exactly what the sign on the box said "please place deliveries in box"--

The rolls were a little big for the box but he tried!  (I need to paint my box when it warms up).

Today I finished quilting this top--

This top was donated by Mary in South Dakota, she even made the binding.  Its quilted, trimmed, binding on and stacked on the hand sewing pile!  Thank you Mary!  It will be donated through my guild.  

Weekly Goals--

Quilt another top
Sew Fall in the City together
Prepare a backing
Dye a backing

Thanks enough for this week. I'm won't get to it all but that's ok!