Design Wall Monday, Stash Report, Weekly Goals

Monday, February 27, 2017
Over the weekend I finished quilting a Bricks & SS top---

Its my favorite "go-to" pattern and its free from Bonnie Hunter.  There are no diagonal seams, no background fabric.  You can change up the color of the 4 patches--I've used black, brown, purple, blue, and red with a light.  No scrap is too ugly to use!  (Believe me, I've added some real unloved bricks!)  Thank you Bonnie, I love to make this pattern.

The backing was a solid green---

The pattern is Alfresco by Hermione Agee.  Its easy, soft, and hopefully not too girly.  Had a trip down memory lane while trimming the top--the border fabric was a skirt for Laura Beth when she was about 10yo.  She's 33yo, so that piece was 23 years old!  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Too lazy to do a stash report yesterday--so here it is today, my first one for 2017.

Stash in--32 yards
Stash out--12 yards

Stash is ahead 20 yards

Weekly Goals--

Quilt a top
Fall in the City
Make a binding and sew it on
Do some fun sewing

A quiet week is planned.  More sewing.  Reading.  That's about it.  




Churn Dash said...

It looks great. I love how ugly prints can hide in a scrap quilt.


Teresa said...

I tried to make an ugly quilt using this pattern but it still came out nice despite those ugly fabrics. Love the quilting.

compusword said...

The quilting design on your #14 fills in the space so nicely. A keeper. Love the green of the backing, too.
Think I shall join you in establishing 4 goals this week.

Kat Scribner said...

Yep, your bricks quilt looks great!! I got to make one of these,,,

Judy D in WA said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt and the quilting pattern is perfect! This one is on my long list of Bonnie quilts to make.

Tired Teacher said...

Nice job! I love the story of the green backing fabric.

On Saturday, I decided to make this same quilt. I pulled blue and red bricks for a QOV, and I'm making the four-patches out of white and black. I've made two other quilts from this pattern and loved both of them.

Sara said...

I absolutely LOVE your Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt. It's a winner! I actually have one "kind of started", with bricks cut from left over children's prints and black/white 4 patches. But I don't have very many blocks done.

straythreads said...

Well done on the Bricks and stepping stone, the black and white 4 patches really pull it together!
hope your snow is melting

Julie said...

Your Bricks and Stepping Stones is awesome! I have yet to make one, but it's on my list for scraps! Great job!

Elaine Adair said...

I believe it is YOU who won 2nd place in some major quilt competition - Congratulations!!! I zip thru e-mails and posts and ads, and blogs - don't have alla the details, but I remember it was YOU who certainly did well!!! Congratulations! Elaine Adair

Candace said...

Really nice! I love scrap quilts, and that one looks fun and easy to make. I can definitely see why you would think of it as a "go to".