Where's Mr. Rogers??

Monday, June 13, 2011
Its a beautiful day and the ditty "its a beautiful day in the neighborhood" is running through my head.  Sunshine, a breeze and about 75F.  The windows are open and the birds are singing.  

The extra water here on the Missouri River keeps everyone busy.   A short conference over a water problem was held in the office.

Blake, Diane and Katie studying the problem

Can you guess what the topic was?  Maybe another pic---

Katie chasing Thelma with Diane supervising

Cleaning the fish tank!  Thelma, Louise, and Tetsu haven't been put  in the pond yet, they spent the winter in a tank in the office.  

Blake--isn't he cute???!!
Blake did the heavy lifting!

The day was very busy after that--but I did catch a photo of Kristie from the National Park Service doing a program on Invasive Plants.   

Yesterday while I was sitting at the table on the phone with Henrietta, I saw this out my window---

Sorry the picture isn't very clear, I shot it between the window blinds through the window.  Must have been some tasty leaves--A whitetail doe stood on her hind legs munching away for quite a while. 

And Linda asked for a new Dam picture.  

I shot this while walking across the parking lot.  It may not look it--but that's a lot of water.  145,000 cfs (cubic feet per second).  I looked up a few figures yesterday--Hoover Dam was releasing 18,000 cfs.  Niagara Falls averages 100,000 cfs.   

Today I will run into town and see if I can find some tomato plants and maybe a few flowers for the volunteers campground.  I know the nurseries are picked over, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.  It rained early this morning a bit, and in watching the weather over noon I see Ken at home may get 2 inches today!    I know the lawn will be getting very green and growing, and Ken will be cussing the fertilizer we applied a few weeks ago.  

I am thinking of sewing this afternoon--but the weather is SO BEAUTIFUL I may just play in the dirt and read a book.  What do you have planned?  



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Ohhh Yeaaah, lottsa water. I looked at some videos posted on Facebook that were taken along the north wall by the the dam on Sunday. The amount of water going through there is just amazing. And last week our niece posted a video made by Wilcox Flying Service of the river from Niobrara to Fort Randall. Most of those vacation homes & a few permanent homes will be done for after sitting in water for the summer. So sad.