Weekly Goals

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Time for new goals!

  1. Sew binding on Blue 25 in 25
  2. Sew binding on Blue Baby Swoon
  3. Make Binding for Arrowhead quilt
  4. Load another top on the Princess
  5. Sew on Plaid 4 Patch

Okay--in there I need some "play" time.  I enjoy sewing much more if I play a little.  

Henrietta and I are going to reproduce a quilt from the auction we attended.  As soon as Henrietta writes out the directions I will pull fabrics from the stash.  

A few Easter pictures---

Mason and 3D glasses

checking for eggs

Asher and Laura Beth

Asher being solemn

Did you notice my new header?  Henrietta is the photo expert--she took the picture while on a walk.   Does anything shout spring more than trees blooming?   Thank you Henrietta!



Nancy said...

Love the header photo - no blooming trees here, yet.

Asher and Mason are cuties!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Very pretty header. Hope the blossoms didn't freeze last night and make it through tonight too. I Don't THINK it froze here, but time will tell.

Mary-Kay said...

Your grandchildren are such cuties.

Stephanie D said...

Asher looks so BIG there! They do grow quickly, don't they?

Stephanie D said...

I haven't been able to see your header in months, and can't figure out why.