Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Today I will work on the chunky churn dash. Corned beef is in the crock pot for supper. Need to run to the store to pick up some cabbage to go with it. Did I tell you while I was gone my husband cleaned? Yes, bless his heart, he did. Okay, he's not a professional maid service--but the floors are clean and scrubbed, lots of stuff picked up, and he even managed to dust most my "stuff". And remember my Holiday cactus from my January 15th post? It now looks like this---

It measures 33" across and is covered in blooms. All summer it sat in the corner of the deck on the west side and was ignored except for a glass of water tossed its way. It grew so much out there the pot it was in became too small and the wind would tip it over. Right before it froze one night I repotted it and brought it in. And it is covered in blossoms. Yes, there are different colored blossoms in there because it is three different cacti. A yellow, a fuchsia, and a dark purple.

But I need to get moving here, the weather looks gorgeous out, bright and blue and no wind. And today is DD's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!


Hunter said...

I hinted that I could use a little help mopping floors today. Hope Dear Husband does what your husband did. :)

And what a great Christmas cactus (cacti?).


JuJu said...

Lori, can Fred come have supper at your house? He loves corned beef but never gets it at home!! Plant is beautiful! Lucky you, to have a live in mail! LOLOL

Sweet P said...

Your Christmas Cacti is gorgeous. Mine is about ready for a new pot. I hope it blooms when I replant it.

MightyMom said...

wonderful hubby!
great cacti!!