Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Well, you know what they say about making plans. Something always interrupts them. Monday Laura Beth called to say she was sick. Too sick to stay home alone and take care of Mason. I talked her into coming home for a few days. So yesterday I made a flying trip to Mankato and picked up her and Mason. Ahh--what grandma really wanted anyway!! Today my sister came over to help babysit (oh, we had to twist her arm!!) and Ken and I painted. I think if all goes well tomorrow we will finish. Laura Beth is feeling better, the antibiotics are kicking in. And Mason, oh, he doesn't really care where he is, right now he is trying out "Granpa's" recliner.

Not sure how much sewing I will get getting done, I am going to be doing "grammy" time!!


MightyMom said...

oh what a cutie-pie!!

come get your Thesaurus Thursday award!!

Pat said...

Sorry LB is feeling ill but a wonderful gift of 'Mason time' for the grandparents!

Stephanie D said...

Well, I should have read posts before I sent emails. Duh.

But I do love that photo!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

What a cutie! Enjoy grammy time!

Sweet P said...

What a handsome young man!