Monday Goals--Congratulations Henrietta!!

Monday, February 21, 2011
Did anyone follow the Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett blog tour giveaway?  I did!   And  Henrietta won one!  (I am SO jealous!!)  She is already trying to decide between about five different quilt patterns.  Seriously, check out this book, there are so many awesome quilts it would be hard to pick just one.    

The Magic Stars book is still being played with.  Yesterday I was cutting out two more blocks, I wanted to try some blocks with my favorite stripe.   There were several interruptions.  I'm not sure if I made a mistake during cutting or trimming but--

The block on the right is the correct block, the left block--well, I made an error somewhere.  But hey--check out the stripes and the intersections--they still came out pretty perfect!  

The Chunky Churn Dash blocks are now sewn in rows.  Set them on point, and I'm trying to decide color/size of the setting triangles.  They will hang there while I think.  There are 56 Sister's Choice blocks done, and I've decided to make a few more.  Worked on the Cherry Tree blocks, but none finished this week.   

For the next week---

  1. 16 more Sister's Choice blocks--that will set them 8x9
  2. Work on Cherry Tree blocks
  3. One more Magic Star block
  4. Pull a UFO to work on

The weather?  Well, so far we haven't had near the snow we could have.  But its still snowing and blowing tonight.  Here is the deck this morning--the first snow was very hard--more like hard little snowballs--and it stuck tight to the sleet/ice that was underneath it.  

I don't remember snow falling through the deck boards quite like this before.     It felt strange when you walked on it, like walking on tiny crunchy marbles.   Most of the interstate in South Dakota is closed.  Many schools are closed.  I'm staying home.  


Nancy said...

Error or not, I love both of your star blocks.

Tamera said...

I think both of the star blocks are really fact, I think I like the "mistake" a little better than the "correct" one, lol.

I think staying home is a good idea!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Staying home sounds good...wish I could have. We didn't even get the minimum amount of snow predicted. Some freezing rain...tree branches were glittery. Sleet mixed in so no really slick ice anywhere. It's just cold & windy, with a few snowflakes floating about at times.

Played a little with my "Twister" ruler that I got almost a year ago. Learned a few the 60mm cutter would work better because of the thickness of the ruler & its little feet. Sharp blade is good too. And be careful not to cut past the corners...the next square you cut is very close. That about sums up my weekend.

pdudgeon said...

i like both those star blocks too!
and you're right, i've never seen snow pile up like that on a deck before. you either have a very brave dog or else a desparate one, lol.
we used to have an open stairway, and our collie, who would climb normal stairs with no problem, would definitely not climb the open one.

Stephanie D said...

I'm so sorry your winter is so long and cold and snow-filled! So far (crossing my fingers) no snow this month, though we've had snow the past two Marches. Even with the rain in a couple of days, it's not supposed to go below 50s during the day, so it's bearable.

Hope I didn't jinx us.

Kim said...

You can stay home and dream up the next quilt. Winter BE GONE!

MightyMom said...

glad to see someone making and meeting goals!!

I"m in a FUNK....