Monday Goals, Design Wall, BCT #5, Judy's Rolls

Monday, February 7, 2011
Weekly goals.  I like short term goals.  Henrietta feels better with monthly goals.  She says weekly goals stress her.  Do you set goals?  Oh, I better make mine!

  1. Start #6 of Beyond the Cherry Trees
  2. Finish 12 more Sister's Choice blocks
  3. Make a block "just because"

Last week I wanted to set my log cabin blocks together.  I laid them out several different ways and didn't like ANY of them.  So set them aside to think.  Jay had some good suggestions--thanks Jay!

There are 30 Sister's Choice blocks on the wall.  Bonnie used 72, but think that might get quite big.  They are 10" finished.   A couch quilt?  A queen bed cover?  I'm not sure yet. 

I am math challenged.  Last night I realized I had cut twice as many neutral pieces as I needed.  Can you believe I used a calculator and wrote my calculations down?

Here is Beyond the Cherry Trees #5.  On to #6!

A couple of posts back Judy had these luscious looking cinnamon rolls.  And the recipe!  Last night I made them.

They raised beautifully.  Smelled heavenly.  How did they taste?  I told Henrietta they were positively orgasmic!

I was going to take some to my sisters and my dad tomorrow, but I'm sure they won't want any--after all, they will be "day old rolls".  Just to be safe, I'm locking my door.   And hiding them.  

My stash report--still all zeros.  Going shopping in the frigid weather is not for me.   No internet purchases either.    



Kathie said...

Love the quilt, I also like short term goals. The only monthly ones I am setting is to keep up with the UFO challenge.

Yum those rolls look great. I will have to go print off that recipe and save it for a special occasion.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'm afraid I'm going to be FORCED to make a batch of cinnamon rolls. Judy had pictures, you have pictures....what's a girl to do?? My mouth is watering.

Nancy said...

The nine-patch stars look great together. Are you going to use sashing?

I can almost smell the rolls -- yummy!

Katie Z. said...

Yummy rolls. Since I'm not allowed to cook, why don't you bake some and send them with Mason to have a playdate here?

Greenmare said...

oh I love your applique there!!!! it looks as lovely as your rolls! mmmmmmmm

JuJu said...

You have to come to the NE-Sew in .... only if you bring ME some cinnamon rolls!

Helen in the UK said...

I'm a few days behind on my Stashbuster digests, but saw your post about the Sister's Choice blocks and came over for a peep. They are looking great and so are the Cinnamon rolls! Enjoy :)

MightyMom said...

you MUST make those when I come visit you!!


well, you know, usually I do weekly goals...but right now I"m working on 2 VERY BIG monthly goals might be more in line!