Sunshine Saturday

Saturday, February 19, 2011
Bright sunshine at the moment.  We've had nice weather most of the week--one day in the 60's.  You'd think all the snow and ice would be gone but its not.   It's not going to last, this weekend we are to get snow, ice, or maybe both. 

Lots of sewing this week.  I have 53 Sister's Choice blocks done, I need to make 3 more and see if that's enough.  I've worked on three Cherry Tree blocks.  Found some chunky churn dash blocks hiding on my cutting table.  These were leftovers from winning a block lotto a couple of years ago.  

There weren't enough for a quilt, so I made some more.  Jay, look closely, do you recognize any of fabrics?   Scraps from the bottom of one of Jay's boxes. 

And I've made a few blocks "for fun".  

The brown fabrics were scraps from Jay.  Jay, do you know anything about those polka dots?  

Another Magic Star block.  I tried a harder variation.  Still very easy.   The points match well, and the size came out perfect.  

Each week I've tried to work on a UFO, and not start a new project.  My random blocks all finish the same size (12") and will eventually go into a scrap quilt.  Its been so much fun~! 



Jay in Nebraska said...

I remember those brown and white polka dots quite well! My grandmother made a Temple Dress out of it, and there was gobs and gobs left over. I think she bought the whole bolt, it was 36 inches wide so maybe more than a whole bolt. Its backed one of my quilts, and two of hers. LOL, I am glad to see it ALL GONE from my house

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Chunky Churn Dash is on my "someday" list.

Henrietta said...

LOVE the polka dots!

Stephanie D said...

Like that magic star! Looks complicated.

MightyMom said...

I'm getting jealous of all your perfect points there dearie!!

and don't go thinking Madonna on me!! ;-)

love all the blocks!