Monday Goals

Monday, September 27, 2010
Time for some goals.  

  1. Start Spiral Strips project
  2. Start the ZigZag project
  3. Make binding for the pink/yellow quilt

I will be volunteering 4 days this week.  Hopefully I will have a bit of energy in the evenings to sew.  The weather is GLORIOUS today, and I hope it lasts a long time!  Last week at the camper we had over 4.5" of rain.  

Sometimes at the Visitor Center we have school groups on a field trip.  Depending on their age, we have movies and a "scavenger hunt" for them to do.  Last week was a preschool group.  Josh works for the National Park Service and is very good with the kids.  

Preschool groups scavenger hunt is just finding pictures and symbols around the VC.  I laughed as I watched the kids.  Josh was like a "Pied Piper"--the kids would see him and start following him, asking questions.  

These are such GOOD days!! 


MightyMom said...

You'd better watch out, cuz one of these days I AM going to come up there and invade your campers with all my hooligans!!!