It's Rarely Work at the Visitor Center

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
John works for the National Park Service and often does Interperative Programs at the Visitor Center.  This is one I particularly enjoy--he dresses in costume and plays the part of a Purser on an 1880's steamboat telling stories.  

John particularly enjoys puns, he waited all summer to say "well, that's all water over the dam now".   The generation gap showed, as a young college student didn't "get" the pun, even when we tried the one "water under the bridge".   Which made us laugh harder!  We thought of several alternative roles for John's costume.  Undertaker.  Minister.  Saloon keeper.  John's personal favorite--"Manager at a Residence of Paid Affections".


Henrietta said...

Funny man. It is good to see people doing things they enjoy.