Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 12, 2015
I laid out six R/W/B album blocks--

Picking fabrics takes longer than sewing the blocks!  I layer them and then chain sew, I've gotten pretty efficient making them.  Still love them and not tired of making them.  They have grown on me, like 9 patches.  If my count is right, and I've haven't mislaid any blocks--I will have 23.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Finish sewing the album blocks

That's all, a busy week planned.  Harvest is started and I might be in the field.  The camper needs to be packed up and moved and I might volunteer a few more days.  Plans change from day to day!



Tamera said...

Those are going to be really pretty in a quilt.

Tired Teacher said...

Lovely color combination. I stack my fabrics for the blocks and chain piece, too.

Sending wishes your way for a good week.