Wednesday, I Think....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, we've been busy and the days are running together.  But a few pictures to show that we HAVE been working!  First, Henrietta has been working on a postage stamp "something".  It started out as a quilt, but may end up as a pillow!  I've been working on a set of Disappearing 4 patches.

Yesterday we ran errands.  We stopped off at the antique/junk mall.  Henrietta found a New Home machine in great shape with the cabinet.  It has the original manual and box of attachments.  We doubt this machine was ever used much, probably bought by the husband for the "little lady" at home who said "fat chance I'm going to sew when I can BUY it!"

The greyhound decal is especially nice, the whole machine, other than the grime from the last 70 or 80 years, is in great shape.

I'm not sure if anyone knew that JAY shares our love of old sewing machines.  He gave us this Free brand head--which I'M going to claim because it has lovely green in the decals.

I do LOVE the green decals! 

Jay has since found the front slide plate and is mailing it to me, I don't have to rob one from another of my old machines.  Jay--Thank you so much, I am going to pull a head from another treadle and try this one out.  I definitely think it's a keeper!

And this morning I loaded one of Henrietta's tops on the long arm, so we can work on it next!

It's a Miss Rosie pattern called Cracker Crumbs.  Yes, all from scraps!

I hope you're having as good a time as we are!


Vicki W said...

You are having a much better time that me!

Jay in Nebraska said...

What a lovely New Home! I think Henrietta needs to make an entire Postage Stamp Quilt...I have a pattern for one made out of 9 large squares and sashed, it was in a American Patchwork and Quilting.

MightyMom said...

that machine find is awesome! but the cabinet skirt comes down so low, wouldn't it be hard to get close enough to sew? seems like my knees would hit the skirt.

oh, did I mention I have something for you to trade for that fabric??

you'll like it!

Mary-Kay said...

Isn't it great when you can sew with a seiwng buddy all day long? You feel like you accomplish tons and have company too. Love all the quilts you girls are working on. Have a great day!

JuJu said...

Oh what wonderful machines!! Jay really gave you a beauty! What a good "kid" he is! Looks like you ladies are still having a grand time together! You go girls! My ouchy is getting better, I can type with it now, gently!!