All is Well in the World

Friday, March 5, 2010
I made it to Minneapolis, got checked into the motel.  Met Sally for shopping and supper--she gave me great directions on how to pick up Henrietta at the airport.  Yes, I drove to the airport in the dark and picked Henrietta up.  She's is now sleeping, little ladylike snores from that bed!  We are going to be busy and love it all this weekend.  All sorts of plans being made.  If I was MEAN I would take a picture of Henrietta sleeping and post it.   Ah heck--I'll post it anyway!!


Yes, she's under there.  She's TIRED!!  But we made it all in one piece!


Henrietta said...

Note to self, smash camera and cell phone

Brenda said...

LOL! I am glad the snores are 'ladylike'!! A chainsaw snore can be hard to sleep by and you have had enough adventure for one night to try to sleep through that!!!
You two ladies have a fantastic weekend!!!! And maybe tonight, you will compete on who has the loudest chainsaw!!!
make it a great one!!!!!

JuJu said...

Lori, Mason does not need another toy!!! LOLOL Hope to see YOU and friend in Fremont!!!

Unknown said...

he he could be rooming with me...SLEEP about chainsaw like snoring, lol. Thank goodness for apnea machines!

MightyMom said...