Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 18, 2008

No stash bought, nothing finished. But I did get my garden planted!! It's a small garden, 12 tomato plants, some summer squash, and rhubarb. I've also been hauling dirt for my flower beds, my goal is to have almost all perennials eventually. I also "recycled" some rock my sister and BIL had, I put it around my gas meter and central air units. Several rounds sewn on my tossed salad blocks, a quilt on the machine. So it's been a good week! Tonight I will have overnight company, I am making homemade pizza, and have made some sour cream raisin bars and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't have time to participate in the quiltathon, but maybe next time!


Kathy said...

Oh rhubarb! I haven't had that in ages.....we are just finishing up our tomatoes from this years garden. We are thinking of starting some in pots on the lanai this summer so we can have them year round.

kate said...

I've got 5 acres that need work. Want to come on down? kate in neb

Becky said...

Hi Lori,
You have been tagged. Please visit my blog to see the rules. Have fun!