Monday Goals

Monday, May 26, 2008
Today I got up early and have already done a few things. Made a rhubarb torte dessert to take over to my sister's and "favorite brother in law's"--they are grilling supper and invited us. I also have some bread raising, I make a lot of homemade bread, and I know my brother in law likes it. I'm working on laundry and did lots of dishes too! After the bread is done I plan to nap!!

Goals for the week:

1: Finish binding Courthouse steps quilt. Maybe by later today I will have it done and take a picture
2: load the pink hearts quilt and start quilting it
3: Work on making blooming rose blocks into a top
4: Make the blocks on my design wall into a top.
5: Finish my flower beds.
6: Finish tossed salad blocks

Last week, although a bit jumbled up, was fairly productive. Still waiting on the thread order. Sigh The only goals I didn't get done were making the blooming rose blocks into a top and picking up the deck building materials. But the deck people aren't coming until this week, so didn't need them-YET. My luck they will show up at 8am tomorrow and I won't have them!

Oh--here's the picture!


Becky said...

It's good to have goals.I find I get so much more accomplished if I have a list. Looking forward to seeing your Courthouse step quilt. I just love log cabin quilts. What machine do you do your quilting on? Have a great day!

Henrietta said...

Looks very nice Lori!

This is inspired by the cover quilt from Mary Ellen Hopkins 1991 book Log Cabin Notebook

Henrietta said...

This was pieced on a 1933 Singer 15 with a bolt on electric motor, it is in a treadle cabinet and can be treadled by changing the belt.

Treadle On!

Pat said...

You are doing good at setting goals and achieving them! I seem to have slcked off a bit. LOVE you sure is pretty!

Marla said...

This is an absolutely stunning quilt! I am so jealous. Log cabin and all it's variations are my fav and yet I've never done one!!!!!! I have the blocks finished........

merrily row said...

Oh, my, that is a lovely quilt! Mary