Motivation Friday!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Well, it wasn't on my list of goals, but by tonight the "Pineapple Smoothy" top will be quilted. I am using the panto "Alfresco" by Hermione Agee. It flows smoothly and looks nice. There are more tops for customers to do, but I am waiting on a thread order. One I could start, but I might not have enough thread to finish, and would hate to have to unload the quilt and then load it again. Tonight I will work on my Tossed Salad blocks for a little while. Oh, in case you missed it in the picture, my Pineapple Smoothy quilt is the same green as my long arm!! I started it in the fall of 2001, so it's time to get it finished! I pieced it all from greens in my stash, and I used two green fabrics to make the backing--STASHBUSTER!!!

Tonight I am trying a new recipe, Lentil Soup made with hambone and chicken stock and lots of other good things! It's starting to smell really good, and I am making a batch of fresh homemade bread to go with it. Ahhhh--it's a rainy cool day so I think this is a perfect meal.


SueR said...

What an awful lot of work those pineapple blocks are. Your quilt is beautiful. I swapped 6 inch pineapple blocks years ago and never got around to make enough extras to make a whole quilt, so now it's a long time ufo. Someday!

Vicky said...

Oh, gosh, that quilt is gorgeous! I haven't gotten up the nerve to try one!

I loaded up the big crock pot tonight with two chuck roasts for shredded beef. No cooking for me this weekend! Of course, I'll wake up in the morning starving because I've been smelling it all night! LOL

Henrietta said...

Beautifully co-ordinated & styled photo Lori, Ellen would be proud of you!