Monday Goals

Monday, October 26, 2009

Time to think on my goals.

  1. Finish sewing together the b/w bricks and stepping stones rows
  2. Finish quilting the pink baby quilt
  3. Trim up Sonja's Windows blocks and pick out the narrow sashing
  4. Sew together the pastel D9P blocks

I did get all the strips sew on Sonja's windows, and they have been sewn together and quartered. I must have had an "oops" moment, I was supposed to make 20 and there are 32. So I either make a REALLY LARGE quilt, or make 8 more blocks. I don't really like the piano key border show in the photo, with all the corner to corner lines it's maybe just a bit confusing. Maybe only on two sides? Hmm, a thought to ponder!

If I have time I may go to the Heartstrings Sew In at Kasson MN this weekend. I would be able to stay with Laura Beth and Nick, and maybe Mason would snuggle and play with me.


pdudgeon said...

or maybe you could just use a cornerstone for the 4 corners of the border? happy quilting this weekend with that darling grandbaby!

MightyMom said...

ooooo you're DOING STUFF!!!

I can sure tell when you're not volunteering! hahaha.

I'm sewing...but it's all on one thing that's taking awhile...well that and Christmas gifts that I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT!! ;-)

Stephanie D said...

Never miss an opportunity to cuddle with the kidlet! Go!