Mason Is Visiting

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Oh pet me please!!!

Halloween dog eyes! And he's got my nose!

Notice mom's legs right there, she's supervising! Ruby and Mason have forged a friendship. They chase each other. When he catches her she lays down and he crawls over her. He uses her as a pillow. He doesn't pinch her, or pull her hair.

And I hung up my Halloween lights today. My night pictures aren't the best, but you get the idea!

You can't see it, but they are orange, and there are orange pumpkins on some of them. I'm not sewing, but having "grandma time"!!


Howdy said...

Grandma Time wins hands down over anything else!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Hey, really cool special effects on the Halloween lights picture. But of course you meant for it to turn out that way, right??

Some dogs just love kids. My son's oldest Lab smiles when she sees kids & loves to play with them. His younger Lab is scared of them, so growls, and the little Pomeranian is positively terrifed and actually shakes with fear. Of course she's so cute every kid who sees her wants to pick her up and hug & kiss her!! Poor little dog.

Stephanie D said...

Good dog, Ruby! She "gets it"!

And kudos to you for putting up Halloween lights even though you don't get many trick-or-treaters!

MightyMom said...

hmmm looks like your house is on fire.....strange way to celebrate if you ask me...... ;-)