Pear Update

Sunday, October 25, 2009

There are 5 pears left to eat "au naturel". I gave one of Ken's co-workers a dozen to eat. I processed---
  • 20 pints pear butter
  • 18 pints canned pears
  • 10 pints spiced Christmas pears
  • 22 pints/jelly jars pear/pineapple/orange/cranberry ginger jam
I've been eating them fresh all along. I didn't think there were that many--but that makes 70 jars of pear something!

I'm sure I will give a lot of it away at Christmas time. The jam is especially good, and I look forward to making some homemade bread to eat it on. And sorry you purists, I do like to apple or pear butter with my grits!

My pans are almost all washed, the electric roaster is soaking. I think a long soak in the tub for me is due!


Stephanie D said...

Absolutely! Then you can rub in a little of Bath and Body Works' Pearberry lotion.


Vicki H. said...

Wow!! I have not canned in several years and that sounds like a lot of deliciously hard work!! My friend at work cans and her grandson was out to eat with them. She said she was canning and he said "grandma what's canning?" She couldn't believe he never hear of it at age 10. Food comes from the store, I guess.

BTW, 70 yard of fabric on sale what a find!!!!! I would have purchased tons myself. Take care.

Nancy said...

I hear you about the clean-up after a canning spree! It can be messy and time-consuming, but canning is so rewarding.

pdudgeon said...

i know your kitchen smells absolutely wonderful. so proud of you for doing all that yummy work.

Henrietta said...

I think apple or pear butter would be the only thing that would make grits bearable. Blearrgh!

MightyMom said...

you made spiced pears??

spiced pears????

I might just head north for real spiced pears......