Saturday Scrambling

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Not enough days in the week right now. Seems like I need 36 hour days! But I did sew a little this week, I was behind on crazymomquilts 9 Patch Quilt a Long, so one night I made 21 more 9 patches. I am now up to 61, so I'm catching up. I think there are more lurking somewhere in my sewing room, but I just haven't found them! Do you do that, lose blocks and find them later? I hope I find them before I make too many more blocks!

I've really liked the finished pictures I saw of everyone's first quilt, and I am anxious to finish mine. Soon!


Stephanie D said...

I can echo the wish for more days in a week!

I still have my 9-patches from the summer--somewhere.

MightyMom said...

well, no, I've never lost sewn patches....they all go back in whatever bag I'm keeping that project in when I'm done....course that's the advantage of having the sewing machine in the living room!! you have to pick up after yourself EVERY TIME YOU SEW!!

and keep up with every dropped pin/needle too!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

Lordie Be yes I do. I lost some and still haven't found them. Some it took me sorting for days to find. It is sad. I have started doing better though about putting blocks and started projects into boxes and labeling them to find them easier.