Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Yesterday my sister and I drove to Sioux Falls, she had a Dr. appt and I just went along. Of course, I had a coupon! LOL--do I buy ANYTHING without a coupon? But I was on a mission looking for a book. I found this----

I need to make a baby blanket for a friend in the next few months, and was looking for ideas on using my noodles. There is a pattern in there called "Daisy Chain" (somewhat like an Irish chain) and if I have enough pastels I can make it. There are directions in the index on how to re size the patterns to fit your individual needs. Henrietta is very good at seeing a quilt, figuring out what size to cut everything, about how much fabric it takes etc. Me, I'm pretty poor at math and prefer a book and a pattern!

Today I will divide my day between sorting and putting things away from the camper, laundry, dishes, and some SEWING! The weather looks bright and clear, but I hear the forecast is for a hard freeze this weekend. I'm not sure if I cover my flowers it would even help! Maybe it's time to let them go and start cleaning the flower beds and garden off and thinking about next year. How are you spending your day??


Becky said...

Several of my quiilting buddies have made numerous quilts from this book. Each quilt has been a winner. I have a jelly roll that I want to use for one of the quilts. Can't remember the name, but the log cabin blocks have a star-like where they meet. Clear as mud, right? Glad you found your book. Enjoy your new project! Hope that it isn't quite that cold this weekend!

Unknown said...

I love that book, I just done the Hidden Star quilt and have fabric to do another one from that book. It is well worth the money.

MightyMom said...

I've seen jelly rolls and never quite understood what they were or how to use them.

I likethat quilt on the cover!

JuJu said...

How did I spend my day??? At work, slaving over a keyboard!! Don't ya feel sorry for me?