Wednesday--More Snow

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
More snow here, winding up into a couple days of blizzard, but I think we are on the edge. Only 3-6" of snow forecast for here! I stepped outside earlier to take some pictures of the snow.

My deck is 4 foot off the ground, the snow is deep in places!!

Ken cleaned the ramp heading to the street, but it's becoming a tunnel. Yes, that is blowing snow and my finger on the lens!

View down the ramp to my little blue car. Ken blew the snow away around it, but I'm sure the snowplow has gone by and buried it again.

The steps leading off the deck into the back yard. Forget the steps, you just step out into a snowbank!

Ken says he is going to bring in a tractor that has a loader bucket on the back to push snow. But it will be a few days as it is supposed to be bitterly cold and the tractor needs to be worked on--the blinkers aren't working and only half the heater works. And it doesn't have all winter fuel in it yet, will wait a few days until it warms up a bit more and Ken can safely drive it without the diesel "gelling".

I had many great responses to my plea for help. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it!


Henrietta said...

I think I may have to put off my trip

Nancy said...

Yikes! I am glad the storm dropped only three inches of snow here. Stay inside and stay warm.

Stephanie D said...

I feel cold just looking at those photos!

We're supposed to get snow here again between noon tomorrow and 6am Saturday.

Enough, already!

pdudgeon said...

your snow stories remind me of similar tales from the "Little House on the Prairie" books. I remember that Pa would string a rope from the house to the barn so he could find it in the blizzard.(reminds me of the lights on your porch rail leading down to your car).

stay safe!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Those snow-covered trees on your header are so appropriate. We only got about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday, but oh my, the wind!!! I looked on KBRX in O'Neill and the wind chill is 46 below. All the schools in the area are closed & I gave the library a snow/wind chill day too. Aren't I generous> Too bad snow days aren't paid. Think I'll cut and sew a few more pillowcases today.

MightyMom said...

ummm, well it was 22 degrees out as I drove home yesterday morning...but the roads were clear and blessedly dry.

Okay, I know it's gotta be incredibly cold...but I'm tempted to see if I could walk on that 4' of snow!!

it'd take me the rest of the week to thaw out