Motivation Friday

Friday, January 8, 2010
Time to check on my goals. I'm still working on my one goal! Yes, I AM quilting the top I put on the machine the other day. I hope I can get the quilting done over the weekend. I've *wasted* a bit of time playing with those geese, I set them into a medallion for the center of a quilt.

And of course no post is complete without more snow pictures!

Ken blowing snow

Anyone care to step off my deck??

Let's see, the deck is 4 foot high, and there is probably another 2 foot of snow higher than the floor

I have ribs in the crock pot, Mandarin Orange Cake is made. Dough is raising in the bread machine for dinner rolls. I think rice and some vegetable along with it. Ken will take supper over to Dad later on.


Sue H said...

Brrr...this has been a tough start to January! Your dinner sounds fabulous.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Dinner sounds yummy.....if the temp was 50 instead of-5 I might consider crashing the party. LOL

It looks like you made some serious progress with the Flying Geese.

Brenda said...

Since I am puttering around here today (didn't go into work....) And am not getting done what I keep looking at (cutting that 5" boderer for the quilt......) now I want to make bread!! And ribs for supper!! Thanks alot!!!!

I would love to have your snow!!! We desperatly need it - all the water I normally drive by on my way to the city is now places where animals can walk and grass is growing - scary.... but we do have bitterly cold weather. Would you like that instead of snow??? It's to cold here to snow - BUT - today is supposed to warm up!!! And it sure seems nicer out there. And with that 'warmth' - we could get snow!!!

I love the goose quilt!! Border looks great!!!!

pdudgeon said...

i can't believe the snow you're getting. and i bet you can't either! the deepest snow i've ever seen was waist deep when i was a teenager, but that snow looks shoulder deep.

Stephanie D said...

I've never seen so much snow! Is that typical for your area?

We didn't get more than a dusting Thurs. night (less than predicted), but the temperature has been maxed out at 20 degrees with incredible winds taking the chill factor below zero. I'm so thankful to be off this weekend!

JuJu said...

Your snow is deeper than my snow!! But we are just as cold! 22 inches of snow for the month of December is a record for Lincoln. Has not been this cold since 1974. Weatherman is promising a warm up next week, in the 30's maybe even 39 by next Saturday. And I've managed to catch a cold ... sniff, sniff!

MightyMom said...

poor Ken, he looks cold!

any snow angels yet?

Lynn E said...

Well Lori that amount of snow didn't come near us in Manitoba. It blew around the snow a bit but nothing like you have. Don't forget to get Ken to clear the roof. That much snow is not good for roofs in my humble opinion oh Great and Benevolent Queen of Stash.