Monday Goals

Monday, January 25, 2010
Monday Goals are cancelled for today due to blizzard.  

pushing snow with my front door

Looking off my deck down the ramp to the street

The snow is level with my steps again--4 foot high.

The roads are closed in most parts of the state that I know of.  Ken is out with the snowblower, he has to work tonight (24/7 facility) so he has to be there.  It's not REAL cold out, just lots of snow and wind and no visibility.  We only live six blocks from where he works, and they will probably send a 4 wheel drive for him.  

I am totally unfocused when the weather is like this.  So I won't set any goals today.  Maybe tomorrow the weather will be better and I can think of some.  Tonight I plan to continue working on a UFO or reading.  Something SAFE!  Yesterday I said I'm not very good at sewing when the weather is like this, then walked into my sewing room and proceeded to cut about 100 squares of background fabric OF THE WRONG COLOR!  ROFL  Luckily I have plenty, and will save them for another project!  


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I am the most motivated when it is storming, or snowing. I love to be snowed in and be alone and sew. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I LOVE SNOW! I could live in a snowy climate just fine and I do not like bright hot places. We have gone on 4 carribean cruises, and I loved the ship, but not the weather~! LOL I know...I'm odd...but it takes all kinds.

Stephanie D said...

Hey, I like that reason.

It was stormy and rainy and gloomy all weekend here, and though I usually love the rain, I think I am just tired of cloudy days. These are the days that make me just a bit nostalgic for Albuquerque and the sun even when it was cold.

Hope your weather clears up soon!

pdudgeon said...

LOL, that's not a goof, that's what i can strategic planning. Someday you are going to make a quilt needing those background squares, and handy you--you'll already have them done!

glad you left the lights on your stairs. looks like they're gonna come in handy.

Tamera said...

I know what you mean about it being hard to focus when the weather is bad. I spent the day in the barn with my hubby building a bigger warming box for all those baby goats, he he he!

Today will be a better day!

Lynn E said...

The storm hit here as well. Alot of wind and plenty of drifts. Hope today was better.

MightyMom said...

I've no idea if I could sew or not with weather like I've never SEEN weather like that. I'd like to think it'd be great sewing weather...but who knows.