Rainbow Scrappy Saturday--Purple and the last of Brown

Saturday, March 5, 2016
March brings purple and yellow, I have a purple block--

Purple star points and the background is a lavender print.  Three more brown Jacob's Ladder blocks--

Please see what everyone is doing with purple and yellow at SoScrappy.

Time to check my goals--

Sew more Alletaire blocks together--yes
Finish cutting for April classes--working on them
Dye a backing--yes
Load and quilt a top--not yet
More binding--yes
Two brown Jacobs Ladder blocks--yes
Look at Block Party--yes
Alletaire is slowly coming together.  Took a break from cutting for the classes, my arm is sore.  The backing was dyed and the top is ready to load on the Princess.  I looked at Block Party--I need the design wall or a design BED but Ken was sleeping in it.  The spare bed is inaccessible due to income tax.  

But--I have a finish!!  

Ribbon Twist
I've called it "Ribbon Twist".  These were 30's blocks I found cleaning the sewing room.  Look carefully--not all the ribbons are twisting the same way.  That was NOT the plan, I only noticed them after IT WAS QUILTED!!!  I briefly (very briefly) thought of taking it all apart and fixing it--but then decided it was a wonderful design element and would leave it.  After all--done is better than perfect.   Dove chocolates have prophetic sayings inside the wrappers--and tonight's says "its okay to be fabulous and flawed".  Solid 30's fabrics made a border and it has a soft pink backing.  I quilted it with "Delicious".   Apples and leaves and flowers.  Quilting it is fun and its whimsical and not overly girly.   97 x 102"--I'll say 16 yards.  The bright sunlight washes the color out--its much brighter in person.  This may be a keeper, I love it flaws and all. 



Mari said...

What a lovely finish! The quilt looks great and I agree--it's a design element! Beautiful, soft colors. Good-looking purples too!

Tired Teacher said...

Wow, you got a lot accomplished on your goal list!

Ribbon Twist is beautiful, and if you hadn't pointed out the "flaw," I never would have noticed. Who says that quilts have to be perfect, anyway?

Ivani said...

Fantastic! congrats on your finished quilt. The purple star is so pretty.

Sara said...

Beautiful quilt and that mistake just gives it more movement for the eye. Love the look.

swooze said...

Love it. Humility and all

PaulaB quilts said...

You did a great job with these lovely fabrics and the quilting really adds to it. Congratulations on a fine finish!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

"It's okay to be fabulous and flawed"....Love it! Your quilt is beautiful and if you hadn't told on yourself nobody would even notice. The texture of the quilting is great. Those 30s fabrics always make a wonderful quilt IMHO.

Katie Z. said...

Dove chocolate: dark or milk?

Nell's Quilts said...

I looked hard before I found the "flaw". I listened to a speaker who advised, "Don't point out your mistakes. Just say, 'Thank you', when someone compliments your work." Your finish is wonderful. Good job.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Oops!! One ribbon had a kink in it... it happens all the time and makes your ribbons more authentic. Oh, well, it's still a beautiful quilt and best of all, it's FINISHED!!!

Nann said...

What a great design! I had to look, and look again to find the mis-pieced ribbons.
And I like your JL blocks!

Mary-Kay said...

You know, if you never mentioned some of the ribbons twisting the wrong way, I would have never looked for it. It's barely noticeable. Anyway, it's a beautiful quilt! You can send it to me if it bugs you too much.