Motivation Friday and Sad

Friday, October 12, 2012
Its a beautiful morning, a bit of frost on my car earlier but its warming up.  Weather for the next few days--highs of 71F.   But its time to check on my goals---
  1. Trim square in a square blocks--yes
  2. make 5 more square in a square blocks--yes
  3. Sew on a UFO--not yet
The maple tree by my camper has lovely color right now--

Then I drove over to where Toni and Eddie live---

That picture didn't last long--Toni and Eddie finished packing and pulled out heading south this morning.  They stopped at the Visitor Center before they left--

Drive careful and see you in the spring!  Oh--and Toni--work on those yoyos!!  Toni and Eddie are heading for Donna TX.  


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Yep, the snowbirds are headin' south. On these chilly mornings that sounds like a really good idea. How long will you be camping there?

Mary-Kay said...

Snowbirds! You know what's weird? I was at a Floriani class today and 2 of the ladies there spend their winters in ......guess.... Donna, Texas. I wish I knew their names but I bet you ten bucks, they know your friend Toni. Weird, right?

Kim said...

We "pulled out" and headed north! Sold Stillmeadow, retired and looking forward to exploring our options. Our fall color here in MN and WI has been gorgeous this year! I bet the end of your camper's host season is always bittersweet for your and friends. Happy trails to all. :-D

Suzanne said...

The colors up on our mountains are changing daily. Love Fall in Utah!