Motivation Friday

Friday, October 5, 2012
Checking my goals--I've done a little sewing but mostly resting my arms/hands/shoulders.  I love sewing on the yo-yos--but all that hand work....!  Driving, computer work, and holding a book is limited.

Since I haven't much to report--I begged David for some pictures!!  David is a Park Ranger.  He had a tag to "snag" a paddlefish and spent Wednesday with his uncle on the river.

Wait--that's NOT A PADDLEFISH!!   It's a Flathead Catfish!  David "snagged" this fish and his uncle quickly snapped a picture.   That was a "catch and release" fish.   David and his uncle were on the river right below the Visitor Center--I watched him pull this fish in through the telescope.  (I feel like a stalker--I would check out the telescope every time I went past the window)

David did snag a Paddlefish later that morning--congratulations David!!  The weather was great on Wednesday--80F and it was t-shirt weather on the water. 

An arctic blast has hit us--today's high was 51F and tonight will drop below 30F.  UGH  I'm nice and toasty in my camper--later on I'll crank up my electric blanket and practice human toasting!


Katie Z. said...

You've made a lot of yoyos. Don't wear out your hands!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Nice fish---both of them.
I don't mess with handwork much any more. Working with the books at the library is hard enough on my hands. Some days they really ache by the time my shift is done.

Nancy said...

Wow, those are some large fish!

It's chilly here this morning (31 degrees) and overcast. Weatherman predicted snow/rain by afternoon. I refuse to turn the heat on this early, so I found my sweaters and wool socks.

Sara said...

The chill is here but at least te sun is shining. I really do love this time of year. The trees are so pretty, and I'm sure it is really gorgeous on the river.