I'm feeling old

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Met a friend for my birthday yesterday. Yes, we shopped and I even got the haircut. We went to a few fabric stores but I didn't buy much--some backing flannel but otherwise resisted anything else I saw. Stashbusting, unless I need it "right now" I am not going to buy it. But maybe I should apply "stashbusting" to Barnes and Noble. And Amazon. Oh, I love books and reading!! My friend and I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, it is the highlight of our shopping trips. I got four new books. She stayed overnite with me, and then today we went to another town, ate lunched in a renovated railway station in the sunporch next to the railroad tracks, a bit noisy as they had heavy equipment and were working on the tracks, but very nice and entertaining to watch! I tried to get a picture but the sun was not in my favor and there was lots of glare. I went to a couple of fabric stores to put up my brochures. I am posting a picture of my best friend when she was visiting me in September sitting on my front steps with Ruby. Notice her socks. A heartstrings quilt I had made is on a chair. The weather was beautiful then, we sat outside a lot. Boy, I can't do that now!!


Henrietta said...

Exposing my secret vices to the world (socks) it is a terrible picture, makes me look so OLD. I think I have turned into a wrinklie.