Stashbusting report and Birthday Supper

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's been a long day. I was going to spend the whole weekend sewing. Then I thawed a turkey out. A 23# turkey. And there's only two of us. So had a light bulb moment and since yesterday was my oldest sister's birthday--let's have a bunch of people over for supper to celebrate! (This way I will get rid of some of that turkey.) But that also means we have to clean, bake, and cook. Okay--that's fine. DH helps A LOT!! So tonight we had big supper, turkey, dressing, all the fixings and four kinds of pie. Yup, we are all full. And there is still turkey left. Darn.

Stashbusting report. Hmmm--total for the month. This is projects I finished in January, and just an estimate. Okay, I was surprised--are you ready?? 66 yards! Except for a border, I used only my stash. Yes, I feel good about it, some of that fabric I had forever!


Randi said...

66 yards! Awesome!

Granny said...

66 yards! I'm so proud of you! That is one amazing number!!

Henrietta said...

Poor Bay-bee! You wore him out!