Persimmon orange heartstring quilt and Quiltathon

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have the persimmon orange quilt done and labeled. I love it--if you look closely you can see a lone orange flower in one of the strings. Often when you take a picture of a quilt and then look at it on the computer, you will see so many things you didn't see before. (Like mistakes--we won't mention any NAMES here!!) I am giving it to the VA Nursing home in Sioux Falls.

I am planning for the Quiltathon weekend. DD's wedding quilt is almost ready to quilt--that is on the list for this weekend. And the Library bargello--strips are cut and some are put together. Hmm--I have a heartstrings quilt almost ready to work on, and a pink Jacob's ladder partially put together, oh, and an Irish chain.........don't think there will be enough weekend!!

And then my friend Jackie, who knows I love to bake bread, sent me her recipe. How do you think it turned out??? It's almost gone--I had eggs and toast made with it!


SueR said...

Your persimmon coins looks so nice. My son wants a quilt like this, only with burgundy separator strips. Sounds like you'll have plenty to keep you busy for Quiltathon weekend!

Henrietta said...

My (EX best) friend is referring to the fact that when I get to the end of a project I am sick of it and inevitably make mistakes in orientation which requires much frogging and is NEVER spotted until I take a picture to send her.

Yust kidding, you betcha.

Henrietta said...

Nice and cold up there are ya?

JuJu said...

Lori, I like the strip with the cows on it! LOLOL I did not see any mistakes!

Getting warmer in Lincoln, 43 today!

Jeanne said...

Your persimmon quilt look terrific. I love that color for the sashing strips. The bread looks so delicious. Would you share the recipe?