Monday Goals

Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay, I think my goals will be simple this week.  

1.  Bind Ann's QOV
2.  Load another quilt
3.  Sew on the courthouse steps
4.  work on a UFO--ANY UFO

We drove home last night and in places the roads were ice and/or snow packed.  We took our time and it was fine.  Stopped and bought a few groceries--you know, the necessities--milk, eggs, bread, chocolate!  We talked about waiting until this morning, and now we're glad we didn't.  It is NASTY out!!  So nasty the state has called all the snowplows in, and no travel is advised.  High winds with blowing snow and zero visibility.  

You can see to the next lot, but the wind is blowing and my house is rattling.  Good day to stay inside and nap and sew!


Mary-Kay said...

I wish that we had a no travel warning but the mail must go through.Tomorrow it's supposed to be -25F with the wind chill. I wish that I was still on vacation or that I won a lottery and never had to work outside the home ever again.

Pat said...

Glad you stocked up on the necessities so that you could stay inside today :)

JuJu said...

Glad you go home ok!! We are on the edge of this "lovely" weather, light snow and HIGH winds. My old house is rattling! LOLOl Hope we don't lose shingles or sliding! State Hyw's are closed north of Lincoln. So STAY home!

Katie Z. said...

Don't freeze! (VBG)

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Same weather here today. There were times I could barely see the building across the street while I was at work. My daughter got stuck in Norfolk. So did a friend in my quilting group. All the roads in Northeast Nebr. are closed. A good night to be inside.

pdudgeon said...

from where i sit that sounds scary!!!

definitely a day to stay safe and warm inside under lots of quilts.

Vicki H. said...

We are expecting the cold/snow/wind to enter our neck of the woods tomorrow. I liked the comment you made on my blog about my friend who is a sahm, you are right she is busy. We will get the blocks done.

Donna said...

All that wind will be here later today. They have blizzard warnings posted for the next 24 hours. Lucky you that you got to stay inside!

Howdy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I've enjoyed getting to know you over my morning coffee.

Oh I remember those blowing snow days when we lived in ND, and NE. They always made me feel better about living in MA. I am not complaining (much) about where I am now in PA... seems we miss quite a bit of snow as we are just enough south that it is a bit warmer here and we tend to get rain/ice.

Um if you run out of UFO's I could help ya out there... LOL Stay warm!