Packing For Minnesota--Riverboat Days

Friday, August 27, 2010
Temps were in the upper 90's with high humidity.   Crowd reported to be 150,000 people.  Ric, Ken and I stopped at a few vendors in the mall.  That is all we did!  Too hot.  Sunday we ate breakfast buffet, picked up the Sunday papers.  We road tripped to a couple of Nebraska State Parks we haven't seen.   We read and napped.  And napped some more.  Wonderful weekend!

My only purchase--a present!

I love Sue Hecker's photos--especially the ones with birds and bugs.  With my new camera I spent a bit of time outside practicing.  There was a bumble bee checking out some flowers---blue flowers shaped like snapdragons.  He barely fit, sliding down so that you only see a bit of his butt.  Unfortunately, I was still learning my camera!  
Look closely--there's a bee butt there!

Last night I worked on my red/white swap blocks a bit while doing laundry.  Feels good to sew again.  

I better start packing!


Sue H said...

Thanks for the mention -- and CONGRATS on your new camera!

Tamera said...

Good to see you sewing again.

I loved Sue's photos, too!

Henrietta said...

So, (as we say on eBay) who's the present for? Huh? Huh?

MightyMom said...

A bee butt!!!