Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Nothing bought, nothing finished.  

Oh, maybe I better say more than that!  It's been very busy the last two weeks.  Have a minor but painful health issue--costochondritis--which is just inflammation of where the cartilage of your ribs attaches to your breastbone.   Which affects my shoulders, and neck, and down my arm to my hands......well, you get the picture!  

Last weekend there was a 3 day quilt show in Nebraska--spread out over 200 miles.  15 different towns along the Outlaw Trail.  I missed the speakers, but did make 7 of the stops.  It was WONDERFUL!  

First--they were organized.  Every stop had several signs---


Made the stops easy to find.  And then there were the quilts--

Embroidery quilt

Two Color Quilt

Two Color Quilt

A Very Scrappy Quilt

Another Very Scrappy Quilt

The two scrappy quilts above were made by a woman and her husband.  He'd had his leg amputated, and after that he did the cutting and she did the sewing.   Yes, on her treadle.  And those quilts had EVERY different type of fabric in them.  At these shows you could get "up close and personal" with the quilts.  Many of them had been taken off their owners beds, washed, and were heading right back on the beds.  This couple were quite prolific at quilt making in the area. 

Hexagon Quilt

Hexagon Quilt
Both the hexagon quilts were made by the same lady.  Hand pieced--the hexagons are about one inch finished.  And hand quilted.  The fabrics were all solids.

Vintage Feedsack Quilt

The owner of this feedsack quilt had no idea what a feedsack quilt was until the show.  The pumpkin color was popular at that time.  

Scrap quilts with Tiny Pieces

Classic Scrap 9 Patch

One of my Favorites--it was GREEN!

Does anyone recognize the pattern used in this green quilt?  I really like it, and would like to make one.

Applique Sampler

150+ year old Red and Green Rose of Sharon

I wish you could see this quilt close up, it has the tiniest, almost invisible stitches.  I was in awe.

Thanks to everyone who made that weekend happen!

Harvest has started here, and I'm still volunteering.  The weather has been unseasonably warm, I turned the air on today.  But very appreciated!  No rain recently and perfect sleeping weather at night. 



Kathie said...

Wow thanks for the mini quilt show, loved the quilts. Hope your health issues are now in the past, sounds VERY uncomfortable.

Tamera said...

Quite a few beautiful quilts there!

Tins and Treasures said...

It looks like all the time in the car was well worth it...the quilts are beautiful.

Yes, it has been warm here. I use the heater in the car in the a.m. and the AC in the afternoon...crazy!

Take care ~Natalie

Pat said...

Thanks for sharing your quilt show and hope you feel better sooner!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show with us. I love scrappy quilts! Feel better!

Vicky said...

Those quilts are amazing! Lots of inspiration there!

pdudgeon said...

your green quilt looks like a variation of a half-square log cabin block, set on point.

Fat Quarter shop has a pattern called "Scrappy Trails Quilt" with that lay out, by Carlene Westberg Designs (cjw-002). I agree, it's beautiful.
get better soon!

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

SpinningStar said...

Thanks for the quilt show! And get better soon! I once had pleurisy, so I am very aware of the pain with every breath.

I don't know the pattern of the quilt that you like, but it looks like two basic blocks. The floral fabric was busy enough that it hides the seams. It would be fun to try to work out the pattern! Have fun with it....Liz

MightyMom said...

beautiful quilts!
I love when folks show what they use not make something just to show!!

Barb in Mi said...

Thanks for sharing beautiful quilt pictures! Unfortunately I am no help for the green quilt, sorry.

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Very fun to see the quilt show! I love that so many of them are used on a daily basis. Hope you are feeling better soon - it sounds painful and not something that you would normally think of until it hurts! Good luck with the harvest. Cheers! Evelyn

Jamie Janow Elfert said...

Hope you feel better soon! The quilt show was a perfect post for this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Katie Z. said...

Ow, ow, ow! I hope you're feeling MUCH better!

JuJu said...

Lori, was wondering about you. Thought maybe you fell into the river!! Great Quilt Show ... I can relate to the pain you are experiencing!! Hope you feel better sooner!!

Tanya said...

I sure like that Scraps with tiny pieces quilt!