Warm Weather and Cookie Baking

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Its a beautiful sunny day--highs should be in the 80's.  I'm going to enjoy it!  

Laura Beth, Nick and Mason arrived Friday night.  Family visiting and we went to the local steakhouse Saturday night.  Ken ordered the "Tyler Burger".  

Tyler Burger

Ken loves burgers. He was in 7th heaven--but said it was a family meal!  Three 1/2# patties.

Remember--I promised Mason we would make cookies?  Sunday morning BEFORE I HAD MY COFFEE Mason was asking "we gonna make cookies Grandma??"

Mason waiting for Grandma
Yes, we made cookies in our PJ's.   Mason sifted the flour.  

Packing brown sugar
 Packed the brown sugar.  Cracked the eggs.
cracking eggs--no shells Mom!
We made M&M with chocolate chips cookies.  Mason liked measuring the M&M's--a few were eaten!

Soon we had them mixed and were ready to bake.

Mason with cookies ready to go on pan
We used a small scooper to form the cookies.  See???

Hey Dad--see my scooper?

See Dad???  (Nick kept busy taking pictures for me.) Thanks Nick!

Soon we had a pan out of the oven ready to eat.

Mason with first pan done
The cookies came out pretty perfect!  Yes, a few bits of dough fell on the floor.  Mason had two casualties (two cookies flew off the plate as he was running to share them with Dad).  But there were plenty of cookies.  Mason took some to Great Grandpa John, and we packed a large container for Mason to take home. 

Mason--are the cookies all gone?  Grandma is ready to bake some more!! 


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

That Mason is a cookie makin' rock star!! He's at that fun age. Enjoy.

So, could Ken get his mouth around that burger??? LOL Looks yummy, but enough for three people. Your cookie making story has made me really hungry for chocolate chip cookies.....and I want to lose weight, not gain more from stuffing my face with cookies. Willpower..oh where art thou??

Elaine Adair said...

Suddenly I'mstarving - I haven't had a burger AND fries AND cheese for 30 years! Yum - it's almost lunchtime here and I bet I have yoghurt - wow 8-((

I can see the gleam of total joy in Mason's eyes. I'll bet that gleam was in yours as well. 8-)

If you use that scooper, how to you get the dough OUT? Is it an icecream scooper, teflon??? Big mystery to me.

Stephanie D said...

Wow, is that a burger or WHAT? Give me a knife and fork! lol

Mason is just too cute! Now all you need to do is teach him to make your coffee and you're all set!

Nancy said...

Some of my favorite memories are making cookies with my nieces and nephews. They are so eager to help and to share their results.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

That burger looks yummy! OMG, I can believe how big Mason has gotten! He's a big boy now!

MightyMom said...

ok, when the burger needs a KNIFE to hold it together it's just too much....

those eggs look perilous...I hope they didn't crack on your floor!!