Staying Focused and a Thank You

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
I have trouble staying focused.  Goal setting helps.  Vicki said she's going to limit her internet on weekends.  Good idea.  On Sunday I didn't use the internet.  Went to brunch with friends.  Did some necessary shopping.  Sewed for at least 3 hours.  Read.  Did I miss the internet?  Yes, but I got lots done! 

This weekend I sewed with a "buddy".   I received this email when I was lamenting I was #13 on the Queen's list to finish a UFO. 

"Get out the smallest quilt and work on it for just 15 minutes a adds up quickly to a finished project.  And, once you are at number 1, should you reach it, that spot does have a week to finish something.
So, decide on a quilt and start cutting binding.  I'll be sewing along with you on finishing a quilt."  Liz

Liz--you don't know how much I appreciated your emails.  Liz laughed with me and encouraged me, and a binding was made and sewn to a top.  Only the hand stitching is left.

Remember to say kind words and encourage someone.  It took only 4 sentences to change my day.


Vicki W said...

You are already doing better than me!

Brenda said...

small amounts of time add up to huge amounts done!!! Keep plugging along and enjoy the ride!!!

Nancy said...

Thanks, for this post. I'm glad I'm not the only floundering. This morning, I actually pressed a quilt top that has been finished for two weeks, prepared the backing and the binding. I'm on a roll.

Elaine Adair said...

This subject of "staying focused" I think is related to "staying busy" -- what is this all about??? Why do so many of us insist on doing EVERYTHING possible there is to do, or starting waaaay too many projects? I think we need a psychologist! Too many projects = being unfocused IMHO.

Glad you received some words of wisdom that helps to lighten your spirits! 8-)))

Pokey said...

It is good to have people to help us out along the way, even with kind words of encouragement. Kindness matters!

MightyMom said...


I love the idea of a little a day.

I live by the "something is better than nothing" rule. In quilting, cleaning, and exercising...

Susan said...

Hey, Lori, I'm heading up to get my stuff on Friday, and I'll be leaving Lemmon on Tuesday, Nov. 1, hopefully early, so I'll give you a call - have to go find your number again! Look forward to meeting you at the quilt store.

Yes, just a few words of encouragement can work wonders! You are lucky to have such a friend. I quilted my older son' entire quilt by hand in 15 minutes a morning, before school each day. It went amazingly quickly, considering the small time increments!