Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, January 15, 2012
No fabric bought this week.  I finished the Garden Bargello--I estimate that used 10 yards.   I made 4 blocks for a donation project and mailed them off.  We were asked to make them in the color we don't use/don't like.  Mine is lavenders and purples.  Since I was making blocks, I also made the same blocks for my "Jay's blocks sampler".  

The top left block is done in a teal green.  I love teal green, it just happened to be on top the scrap box!  4 blocks--1/2 yard?  Close enough!

Used this week--10.5 yards
Used year to date--12.5 yards
Bought year to date--31 yards
Stash ahead--18.50 yards

How was your week?  


DeeDee said...

You used a lot of fabric this week. The purple blocks are fun, someone is really going to love having them.

Nancy said...

The purple blocks are attractive. I like the patterns and color combinations in them.

Kate said...

Very pretty blocks. What a good way to use up stash.

Susan said...

The blocks are great, though I like the teal best, too. My stash *always* wins!