Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, February 26, 2012
I made two more round hot pads--they used 1/4 yd.  Not much--but every little bit helps.  No fabric purchased this week.

In Year to Date--37 yards
Used This Week--.25 yards
Used Year to Date--41.25 yards

I'm ahead---4.25 yards!! 

When it snowed it also rained a bit.  Henrietta saw this photo opportunity--

Icicles on Pergola
Nick, Laura Beth, Mason and Asher are here.   Grandpa was chosen to read the bedtime story.

 Life is good!



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Yes, life IS good. And Spring is coming & it'll be even better. Actually, I'm pretty easy to please...any day the sun shines is a good day. :)

Nancy said...

Being surrounded by friends and family is always good!

Love the quilt on the wall and your treadle cabinet. Did you refinish your treadle cabinet or find one in good condition?

Unknown said...

Love the icicles. Spring will be here soon.

pdudgeon said...

no icicles here! we've got daffodills blooming and roast chicken in the oven for dinner.YUM!

Kathie said...

Great that you are over 4 yards in the black!!

Pokey said...

Life is good! Aw, love the picture of storytime with Grandpa. The little guy looks plum tuckered out, so cute ~

Henrietta said...

You forgot to count the 1/2 yard of Kona Snow I took off you yesterday.

I made a shopping trip to Lori's yesterday and came home with a vintage ironing board and an iron, plus of course the fabric. Amazing what you don't appreciate having until you are lacking it.

Pat said...

no fabric added is always a GOOD week! and I was sewing continents again last week! yay!