Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 19, 2012
Last week I pulled out the "blue 25 in 25" blocks I had made.  Two more white sashings and a narrow blue border and it will  be ready to quilt. 

Blue 25 in 25
Henrietta and I picked a simple quilt pattern to play with.  Here are my blocks---

Urban Cabin
Its fairly subdued for me.  More sashings and borders yet, that will change how it looks.  

Weekly Goals--
  1. Load a quilt on the Princess
  2. Add last two sashes to Swoon
  3. Sew more countries on Plaid 4 Patch
  4. Add borders to Blue Jacob's Ladder
  5. Finish Urban Cabin to a top
 That will be enough for this week. 

The weather the last 7 days have been unusually warm.  Today it has cooled off a bit and is supposed to rain.  I will hope for two inches.  


Sara said...

I also have the urban cabin pattern and have 2 different jelly rolls that I want to use with it. One jelly roll is all tropical blues, so I think it will be very tranquil looking. That might have to be a summer project.

Nancy said...

I can tell that you and Henrietta have fun when you get together. :oD

marcella said...

The blue and white quilt is lovely! Looks like you got a lot accomplished this last week!

Teri said...

Love the checkerboard in blue and white. Quite stunning

straythreads said...

really like the blue and white

Vicky said...

Wow, you've really been busy! Love your quilts in progress!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Love those quilts!! I like how they are set off with the nuetrals!!

Pokey said...

All so nice and progressing well! I really like the blue and white 25 patch, I'm always partial to a checkerboard design.

Mary-Kay said...

I love the blue and white quilt. Was that all scraps? I just made a blue and white Bricks and Stepping Stones from Bonnie Hunter and all the 4-patches were from scraps.

Henrietta said...

Small correction "Henrietta and I picked" translates to Lori picked and even though I thought (and told her) it is a fnugly pattern I didn't have the heart to refuse.

For the record, this would be pretty much an ideal beginner pattern and I am so glad it is almost done and I will never have to make another one, ever.