Happy Birthday Dad and Motivation Friday

Saturday, March 3, 2012
Last night we celebrated my Dad's 92nd birthday.   It was a surprise party--and yes, he was surprised!   Supper at the local steakhouse and then a get together at my nephew's.  Happy Birthday Dad!!

Dad reading his cards
 Time to check my weekly goals.  Yes, I've sewn more Arrowhead continents.  Decided what kind of borders to put on the Jacob's Ladder quilt.  There are 10 completed Swoon blocks--this is the last one I made---

Swoon green and pale orange
Pale orange and a green. 

Remember my Japanese royalty fabric--the fabric I LOVE and hoard?  I had pieced a BQ2 quilt using it.  Earlier this week Henrietta and I loaded it on the Princess.

BQ2 Japanese Royalty
Its ready to go.  

I've made a few more round hot pads--LOL--I love to make the silly things!

How has your week been?  


Nancy said...

Your BQ2 is lovely. I just found the pattern this afternoon in my sewing room and thought again about making one.

Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad.

Brenda said...

I just bought the 'Swoon' pattern yesterday and I looked at your blk and thought "It there more than one swoon pattern?? This looks different than mine??' Well, so did the ladies who's blog I was on when I thought, "A 24" blk??? And these look so pretty (all looked different....) I have to try this!!"

So, I bought the pattern... and uh, all the blks are just one blk!?!... But I think it's the fabric choices you make that makes them all shine differently!!

So, have fun swooning!!! And I am going to make some too!!!

And by the way - Give 'Dad' a big hug and wish him a happy belated birthday for me okay!!! Wow, I love that you still have him around!!!! Give him an extra hug just for that reason!!!

Have a great week coming up and really enjoy tomorrow!! Spring looks like it just might be coming here, so enjoy the changing season and go outside!! ;-)