Motivation Weekly Review and Rainbow Scrappy Challenge

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Busy busy week!   These were my weekly goals--
  1. Press Sister's Choice rows--nope
  2. Press Simply Solids rows--YES
  3. Cut more Merry Go Round strips--YES  
Lots of sewing but no finishes.   That's okay--progress is progress!

I finished the last of the blue Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks for July.

Blue Rainbow Scrappy Challenge
Lighting isn't the best--but you can see what happens when you use two fabrics where the value is too close--the blue/green combination.  That's ok -- I will use them anyway.  How many blocks do I have so far?  31 -- 36 patch blocks that finish at 12".  50 Spool blocks that finish at 8".  And 169 - 4 patches that finish at 4".   Five months left until the end of the year.  

Laura Beth, Nick, Mason and Asher were able to stay overnight on their way to visit Melissa her best friend.   Mason immediately wanted to help me "sew Grandma".  Ken had to work (he works overnights) so at 4:23am when Mason fell out of bed in the room next to ours he missed the excitement  I wasn't asleep yet and flew out of bed fearing he had whacked his head on the nightstand but thankfully no.  I crawled back in bed chanting "go to sleep" and had been asleep about an hour when I heard Mason get up and crawl into bed with me.  "Grandma--is it time to get up?  I have all my energy back."  I said "not until 7:00am when Grandpa comes home from work".  So THAT prompted Mason to get the two alarm clocks in bed with us and discuss what time it was and how long until 7am!  As soon as the clock changed to 7am Mason asked "where's Grandpa?" and I explained it would take him a little while to drive home.  Lots of sighing and several times he would get out of bed to "check Ruby" since she lays right outside the bedroom door.  As soon as Grandpa opened the door Mason was ready to eat breakfast.  Before they left Mason helped me pick tomatoes--

Prince Mason and tomatoes
while Ken and Asher hung out.  

I can't get this photo upright!!(Fixed by Henrietta)

I wanted to position my small fan to blow directly on me one hot afternoon at the camper while napping-- 

Fan on Drawer
I pulled out a drawer and laid a serving tray on it--perfect shelf for my fan. 

I hope you've had a great week and stayed cool!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Isn't it amazing how fast kids "get their energy back?"

Still waiting for a ripe tomato. I can just taste that first BLT.

Got to sleep last night with the AC shut off and the windows open. Just the fan running for some air movement.

Cathy Tomm said...

You have a great stack of blocks there. I really like the checker board blocks.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great collection of scrappy blue blocks!

Nancy said...

Clever use of the serving tray and drawer to get the fan at the right height.

I love the enthusiasm that little ones have for all life's adventures - no matter how small.

Edith said...

Blue blocks are looking good, and you are getting quite a collection.

Stephanie D said...

Did Grandma get back to sleep after Prince Mason left? Bet Mason did! lol

One hour is NEVER enough for me to "get MY energy back"!

Asher looks pretty long in that photo--is Nick tall?

Henrietta said...

That is a fabulous picture of the Tomato King!

You can keep the L & T, just sliced tomato preferably still warm from the vine on buttered bread with salt (yes I know it is bad for you) and a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper.

Oh! I am drooling all over myself.

Anonymous said...

What a great stack of blocks you are accumulating. You're going to have a lot of blocks to make into tops! Love the tomato king pic. It hasn't been quite that hot here. Low 90s and humid, but not like it was for a couple of weeks.

Elly D said...

You have some great blue blocks there :) I like the green and blue ones too. Elly