Motivation Friday

Friday, August 10, 2012
Time to check my goals---
  1. 50 yo yos--YES
  2. 6 Merry Go Round blocks--8 more
  3. Rainbow Scrappy blocks--YES
  4. Simply Solids--nope
Its been a good week.  A couple of days ago the intense heat broke and today is absolutely beautiful.  Windows are open and a light breeze. Perfect to sit in the recliner and make yo yos!

Keeping my projects together is easy since someone recommended EZ Stor bags.   Heavy big ziplock bags with handles.  Mine travel in this basket---

How I keep it together
Each project has its own bag.   The little $1 basket can hold LOTS of projects!

Making yo yos is addicting.  This week the goal was 50.  I have 91 so far--see the little slip of paper in the baggie?  As I add yo yos I change the count.   The bigger bag has 200+.  Only 1200 more to go. 

Yo yos in baggie
The Merry Go Round blocks are also addicting. 

Merry Go Round blocks
These are made in pairs--the fabrics are reversed from inside to outside.  The half blocks are sewn in horizontal rows--and the next row completes the block. 

I hope you are having nice weather wherever you are.  Did you sew this week??


Nancy said...

Yahoo! Congratulations on meeting AND exceeding your goals.

Except for the wildfires' smoke, today was beautiful.