Motivation Saturday

Saturday, March 23, 2013
This shouldn't be called a Motivation post.  Perhaps a Slacker post?  Nah--I've just veered from my goals.   How am I doing--
  1. Quilt brown 4 patch--I'll work on it this weekend
  2. Sew binding on one quilt--no
  3. Finish applique block 16--yes
  4. Sew 2 more bibs--no
  5. Make 9 patches for Little Boxes--yes
  6. Sew one more row of Birds in Air together--yes
  7. Borders on DeeDee's Star--no
Well, maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought.  First--here's block #16

Beyond the Cherry Tree #16
Still needs a bit of embroidery--but I'm doing the embroidery when all the blocks are finished. 

This week I've been playing with the Little Boxes pattern.  Mindless chain piecing, I needed some of that.  Here it is so far--

Looks a bit confusing, the birds in air blocks are peeking out from underneath.   The pattern used 2" strips, but I resized it to use 2.5" strips from my noodle box. 

No borders for DeeDee's Star quilt.  Inspiration has not stuck.

Last week Henrietta and I road tripped--visited Sertoma Butterfly House.   There were lots of butterflies.  Thousands.  But Henrietta made sure I met "Lucy". 

Lucy--A Mexican Tarantula

Lucy is very docile and would ride around all day on the volunteer clinging to her shoulder or back.  Children would hold her.  Henrietta said her abdomen felt like soft leather, and the hairs on her legs soft like cat fur.  Lucy can live to be 40 years old!  She was a "rescue spider"--donated by someone who knew Lucy would be enjoyed by many at the butterfly house.   

I better get busy, I'm running out of weekend!  How did you spend your week?  


Nancy said...

If you are a slacker, I hate to think what my label would be. Not much done this week around here.

Don't mind me - I'll admire Lucy from afar. Very far!

Julianne said...

I enjoy your projects...and Lucy looks content.

Lori said...

Cute quilt, not a slacker in my eyes. I'm the one that should be labeled a slacker! Not a fan of spiders, almost had a heart attack..... I didn't know they could live up to 40 years, now that is a commitment for someone. Just not me. :-) well I am off to start my Sunday, you know shower, housework, lift iron :-) my 5 mile walk, bit-- n moan. Got my day planned out well!

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Definitely not a slacker! Your grapes look really nice.