Sunday Stash Report and Week in Review

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Additions to Stash this week.  16.5 yards of various blacks and oranges and a wide backing arrived.  That brings my yearly numbers to--

Stash In--16.5 yards
Stash Out--0 yards
Stash In YTD--65.5 yards
Stash Out YTD--17.5 yards

Stash is ahead--48 yards 

The numbers look bleak you say?  NAY!!!  This week I machine sewed binding to 5 tops!   They are ready for final hand stitching.  One small quilt, and the rest are anywhere from 72" square to queen size.  I have two more to sew the binding on while I have the extra table set up behind my DSM.  The Stash numbers are heading the other way!  See how everyone's done this week at Patchwork Times.

This week we had a winter storm--rain, sleet, ice, and snow.  We lost power for a few hours--Ken and I got out the propane heater, butane camp stove and antique kerosene lamp.  Then we took showers before the water heater cooled off.  (Can you tell we've done this before??)  Power was restored in a couple of hours--but about 30 miles east of us it began to get worse.  Much more freezing rain and lots of damage.  The news says there are still some areas without power Saturday (4 days later).   

I hate the cold, I leaned out the door and took this picture the other morning--

See the snow pile?   The snow was so wet and heavy our snowblower could not move it.  Dan the tractor man plowed the snow by the vehicles.  

Weatherman said another winter storm possible next week.   I don't think I'll be working in the flower beds any time soon.  One internet friend said it had been 74F and the air smelled wonderful.  She said it smelled like SPRING!  It smelled like spring here too.  Spring is when everyone cleans their cow lots and hog barns!   Its just part of life here and it doesn't last long.  Soon we'll smell fresh dirt and newly mown hay.   

Besides sewing on bindings this week I put together a yoyo block center and completed all the blocks to my Scrappy Trip Around the world.  One binding made.  Finished quilting Henrietta's 30s top and then I quilted Little Boxes.  Didn't follow my goal list but did lots of sewing.  

How was your week?  Was the weather nice?  Did you follow a list or were you distracted??



Mary-Kay said...

Snow, snow, snow! When will it ever end? When is spring really going to arrive? I guess it's not like last year. I received my gas bill for March 2013 and it was 3X the amount of the March 2012. I couldn't figure out why there was such a difference. I asked a few people at work and they said "Don't you remember last March? It was 80 out, a lot warmer than Florida and everyone who went there was complaining about how cold it was there" Obviously I don't remember. So now I'm wondering if spring is going to get here. Yesterday it was 42 and snowing but nothing that stuck to the ground. Weird weather and very distracting to say the least. I'm working on some hand-quilting and that seems to be the only thing I've done all week. I've got to stop and put it away until my finger stops hurting. I use a thimble but always try to push the needle with the un-thimbled finger. Stay warm and have a great week.

pdudgeon said...

well i had very good intentions to follow my list but a nasty cold got in my way. I've spent most of the last 2 days in bed, and it probably should have been 3 days.
i was feeling better today so thought i'd sit down and sew twenty-four 9 patches that i had pinned together when the cold first struck. WRONG MOVE! would you believe that i could pin 9 patches wrong and have to sing the rip-it song for every single seam i sewed this morning???!!!
today i'm making backward progress.

Suzanne said...

We received snow up in the mountains this last week, but we are just getting snow in the Valley. You are super quilter woman...binding, binding, binding!

Nancy said...

The 12 inches of heavy, wet snow that fell on Monday were mostly melted on Saturday - lots of great moisture! Another storm is predicted to hit tonight or tomorrow. I'm not overly fond of snow, but welcome the moisture.

kwiltnkats said...

We've had a lovely week here in San Diego, CA. It has been a bit cooler, but the sun has been out in clear skies. We've been getting a bit of marine layer in the evening which makes for a not so perfect sunset. Hope it warms up for you soon. I'm working through two projects that are close to completion both from the goal setting for 2013. Found my way to a LQS yesterday...loved it! You'll be warm with all those binding projects for sure. Sandi

Sara said...

This has been a tough week for many hasn't it? I have to say we got by very lucky in Mitchell with no power loss, no broken trees, etc. Just TONS of heavy snow to move.

I did a little sewing the first day of the storm, but had to work (from home luckily) the other mornings and spent the afternoons visiting new babies.

I plan to take hand work with me when I go stay at my daughter's later this week. I'll probably be too busy holding babies to miss the sewing machine.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Was the weather nice? Uh, no. It was pretty much like yours. LOL Our power was off for about five hours early Wed. morning. Just long enough for the house to get pretty chilly. Any longer & I'd have been getting out the propane heater and camp stove too. I'm not an early bird so it was daylight when I got up. No need for the oil lamps. Our grand-niece lives somewhere between Emery & Mitchell and got her power back Sat. sometime. We got so spoiled by the early spring last year that this year it just seems so totally late, but it's probably closer to normal.

Katie Z. said...

We had an ice storm but never lost power or had many I'll effects. I finished quilting a king sized Tshirt quilt, and that was it!

JoJo has an ear infection again, so I won't be doing much this week.