Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 10, 2013
This is what's hanging on my wall--

Isn't it beautiful??!!  Its Henrietta's Pink Posey.  We made 4 Patch Posey quilts using the same fabric.   The flower print was perfect for this pattern.  Would you like to see mine??

My blocks are made and that's it!  I'm determined to finish mine after seeing how wonderful Henrietta's turned out.  And--I wasn't the only one who liked that quilt.

Ruby was determined to lay on it while I was sewing the binding.  If I left it on the chair with a corner hanging off--she would paw at it until she had it on the floor and then she'd curl up on it.   Best of all, next week I can count some of that fabric out on my stash report!  Please see everyone's design walls at Patchwork Times.

My neighbor Leona has a green thumb.  Maybe several!  Her Iris were blooming.  A lavender and purple--

And my favorite--a lavender with ruffled edges that had DOTS on them!

Weekly Goals--
  1. Work with Rainbow Scrappy blocks
  2. Trim Super Star bits
  3. One more YoYo block
Not much sewing this week.  Lots of volunteering and errands and visiting.  Ken is done planting (YES!!) and its been raining.  Almost 2" here at the camper and the weatherman said we had at least 2" on our corn and soybeans fields.  I'm happy--last year was depressing with all the dried up crops.   Everything is lush and green right now. 

Tomorrow I plan to plant my flowers.   Right now they are underneath the camper--we were supposed to get rain, wind, and possible hail so I didn't plant them on Saturday.  Tomorrow--weatherman said its going to be sunny and warm. 

I think summer might almost be here.  Can you believe I still have the heat on in the camper?  Yes--its COLD here, especially at night.  What's happening at your house??


Sara said...

Ruby must also love your friend Henrietta and the quilt probably smells like her. Pets are so smart.

I hope you are right and that today is the beginning of summer weather. I think we are all ready for it.

Nancy said...

Henrietta's quilt is a beauty,

It's been raining here, too, but not as much as your area. Still in drought conditions here, but it is improving a bit.

Happy sewing this week.