Design Wall Monday--Goals--Pictures

Monday, September 30, 2013
This week I made two Rainbow Scrappy blocks out of teal 30's fabric and two Water Wheel blocks for my Basic Sampler Week 3.

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Weekly Goals--
  1. YoYos
  2. Basic Block Sampler Week 4
  3. Rainbow Scrappy Blocks

As Karla walked in the door to the VC Friday she stopped to pick up this--

A Walking Stick!  She has sharp eyes, most the time you think they are twig or a piece of grass and not "see" them.  

One evening was spent with friends--Howard invited us all for steaks.  They were excellent--thanks Howard!

Pat and I drove to Sioux City for a quilt show.  Here are a few pictures--

Five quilts using the same pattern--from a magazine but I forgot which one.

  A Halloween Witch.

Quilts using patterns from famous designers--
A Judi Niemeyer

A Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt--I'm not sure which one but I know Linda can tell me!!


Another Bonnie Hunter pattern--my favorite--Bricks and Stepping Stones--using old shirts (I think).  Lots of homespuns--I loved it.

And these next two--Mary Johnson!!  

And then a few that just caught my eye--

Beautiful applique with scalloped edges--

Scrappy Nine Patches set on point with brown--

A Postage Stamp Quilt.  Yes--those are one inch squares!

Scrappy Delectable Mountains--

Pat and I did our usual scenic road trip. (we got lost, took the wrong turn, etc)  But we did find the Sgt Floyd Monument.  Sgt Floyd was the only person who died on the Lewis and Clark Trip.  He was buried near this spot.

It was a beautiful day shared with a friend.  Thanks Pat!  Look at that beautiful blue sky.  

Overlooking the Missouri River from the monument.  

Soon all the summer people will be heading out.  Pat and Randy leave Tuesday, the rest of us will leave in the next 2-3 weeks.  

I'm buried in apples right now, freezing them for apple pie this winter.  We had rain (1.60 inches) and the weather is great.  Low 80's during the day with cool nights.  Tomorrow is more apples--what are you doing??


Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

Good Morning,
What a pleasant way to start the morning - reading a message from one of my favorite bloggers. I would like to say I am quilting today, but it is homework and business paperwork for me.

Sun is rising and life is great near Crooks, SD.

Nancy said...

From your photos, I can tell the quilt show was excellent. The Bonnie Hunter QAL was Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll - lots of pieces, but so lovely.

Too cool here to sit outside for dinner, so enjoy the warm days of Autumn while you can.

Have fun preserving your apples.

Katie Z. said...

Your blocks are so pretty!

Apples weren't very prolific around here this year, so I haven't canned any. Instead, I have oodles of weeds to pull and tomatoes to pick!

Sara said...

Thanks for the virtual quilt show visit. Those quilts are so inspiring to see.

We had a lovely rain followed by a lovely weekend here too.

The water wheel blocks are especially striking. I might have to try that block in the hear future.

pcflamingo said...

Actually, the 1st Bonnie Hunter quilt (in pink and green) was Orca Bay not Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. I know because I did Orca Bay and DIDN'T do RRCB!

Elaine Adair said...

Great photos of doin's! Beautiful quilts of course, but that blue sky??? yes, that looks like Nebraska! Thanks for the tour!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

We had rain too....1.70". Today it's been rumbling of to the SE for hours, but so far we just had a little shower.

The B. Hunter pattern you couldn't remember is Orca Bay. Mine is still in many pieces after almost two years. I really like the way the border on that one is done...twice as many pieces, but really cool looking.

How is the government shutdown affecting your volunteering? Has the VC closed? I've been reading about RVers having to move out of COE campgrounds because of closures. DH's sister-in-law (the recently widowed one) is on "vacation" from her Federal job. Isn't it just the stupidest thing???