Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, November 10, 2013
Time to update my numbers--

Stash in this week--15.5 yards
Stash out this week--0
Stash in YTD--130 yards
Stash out YTD--114.75 yards

Stash is ahead--24.5 yards

A necessary purchase, there is nothing in my stash to sash/bind my 30's Rainbow Scrappy blocks.  And I'm really wanting to get them done.  I brought home 3 fabrics--one is short by about 2 inches.  I'm auditioning the other two.  

First--here's the original vintage quilt--

Here are the two prints I bought with the blocks next to them---

The left sashing is a floral/viney print.  The right sashing is a small mostly blue all over print.  I think both of these will work. (Remember--I have blocks for TWO quilts)  But--I have a couple of others to show you---

The left sashing has blue/orange flowers on it.  Too distinct I think.  The right sashing is a light blue print on white.  My blocks have all the same cream fabric in them--I think the white is distracting--need a cream/tan background in the sashing.  I'm planning on 20 blocks in my quilts with sashing around all the blocks.  Would make it come out to 87x111" which I think it a nice bed size.  The colors are more distinct in my blocks since they haven't been used 60 years and I'm trying to allow for that.  All but the last sashing have creamy backgrounds.  Please give me your thoughts.  See everyone's stash report at Patchwork Times.  



Libby in TN said...

My vote is for the blue -- closest to the original. I bet that's the one you're short on! If so, do like they would have done and just use something else to fill in. Lovely repro blocks.

Nancy said...

I prefer the two shown in the top photo, and like Libby, I think the blue one is most like the original.

Donna said...

I like the blue (top right). It seems to go the best with the blocks.

pdudgeon said...

going with the majority here and choosing the blue.
if most of your blocks are from 30's fabric, then you can't go wrong with a solid fabric for the sashings.

Mary Johnson said...

I like the blue vine and the blue orange flowers. Love this quilt!

Sara said...

I like the blue print on the right top photo and the blue/orange one in the bottom left photo. But I think you are right that any of them will work fine. This will be a really interesting scrappy quilt. Can't wait to see them finished.

Katie Z. said...

I'm partial to the pink floral/viney one!

Dar said...

I'm with the majority in that the blue looks more like the original vintage one. If the background on it is too white, try soaking it in a pan of tea water. It may just take the edge off of the whiteness. Those blocks are wonderful. Whatever you choose it will be a great quilt to pass down in your family.

Lori said...

Very nice, you do a great job with a;; your lovely quilts. I finally have some finishes :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you went with the blue for at least one of the quilts. =)