Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, January 6, 2014
Hung these blocks on my wall--
Irish Chain

The picture a bit washed out, the background is a soft yellow.  See everyone's design wall at Patchwork Times.

How did last week's goals work?  Good, I've worked on all of them.  I loaded and quilted a top.  Almost done binding the Tilted Rails top.  Made more Mt Hood and Trail Mix blocks.  And finished making those yellow Irish chain blocks. 

Its bitterly cold, so I'm doing this--

Staying inside underneath a quilt sewing the binding!!  I'm #3 on the Stashbuster's UFO Queen list, so I've been binding as fast as I can, hoping to avoid the crown or at least be able to abdicate gracefully.  

And, for all you sock knitters out there--

Honest, they didn't have these holes the last time I wore them!   Ken laughed at them, I rarely wear socks out, these were about 15 years old.  Don't worry, I bought new socks.  

And I found a new use for my ironing board--

Good place to prop my feet while I frog stitch or read.   I'm wearing Danskin shoes.  Comfy, lightweight and machine washable.  Courtesy of the clearance bin at Walmart.  

Weekly Goals--
  1. Finish binding quilts
  2. Load another top
  3. Rainbow Scrappy block
  4. Mt Hood blocks
  5. Trail Mix blocks
More than enough to keep me busy.  The 30's repros are all folded and back in their box.  I'm tired of them for now.  What are you doing to stay warm??



Kathie said...

Love the look of you blocks, very nice and good luck on all your goals this week.

pdudgeon said...

everything is looking good around your house--even the sox!
i've made my full list of "quilts to make in 2014". i limited myself to one quilt a month for starters. I'll also be participating in the 'blocks from stash" project over at Judy's blog, and trying to use up more of my scraps this year. last night i dug up my baggies of 5 inch blocks and started counting them in preparation. Looks like i'm going to have no trouble at all finding enough scraps for that first scrap quilt.
I'll also be working on binding quilts this week. I have one that i got back from the quilter's before Christmas and she just called with another quilt that is ready to pick up, so I'll also be cuddling under quilts this week.
Hope you all stay warm and toasty Lori.

Ramona said...

Your Irish chain quilt is so pretty. I love the yellow going through it. This one is on my list to make some day! Stay warm!

Susan said...

Will trade one pair of hand knit socks for the pattern of your Irish Chain..........

I did note that green was your favorite color..

Lindsey said...

Your irish chain is looking really lovely! Your socks gave me a good laugh, because I have socks like that and my husband always takes them off and rips them into shreds and gets me a new pair! :) I look forward to seeing your irish chain completed! That's one of my favorite quilt patterns! :)

I am giving away a fat quarter bundle on my blog today! I would love for you to come over and enter! Happy New Year!

Inspiring Creations Giveaway

Sara said...

Great progress on those goals. And binding a quilt is a perfect activity for today. I'm working today, but from home. I'm hoping to sew a little later this afternoon.

Nancy said...

Holey Moley, Lori. As cold as it is, you'd better befriend a sock knitter quickly!

Love your new shoes: they look comfy.

Anonymous said...

Love your Irish Chain quilt. One of these days I will make one!

straythreads said...

Love the Irish Chain blocks!! I don't think I have ever had socks get to that point. Love the shoes. stay warm

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

LOVE your design wall!! and those socks... oh my lol